AdBlue® testing

Equipment for testing AdBlue quality. Oil tests

AdBlue® is filled into a separate tank. Fuel in the AdBlue® tank will permanently damage or destroy the SCR system, causing high cost of repairs.

Test procedure
The oil test paper is moved back and forth in the tank 3-5 times. A dark discoloration of the test paper indicates the presence of fuel.

Fuel does not mix with AdBlue®. It forms small droplets or a thin layer on the surface of AdBlue®. To give a positive reaction the test paper must come in contact with fuel in the tank.


Move test paper back and forth 3-5 times

Remove the test paper. A dark coloration indicates the presence of fuel

Different concentrations of fuel

Left: pure fuel
Right: pure AdBlue®

Detection limit: 50 mg/l fuel in AdBlue® give a weak positive reaction
100 mg/l fuel in AdBlue® result in a clearly visible color reaction
Color reaction: Pale blue to dark blue
Limit of sensitivity: Petroleum ether – 250 mg/l
Gasoline – 10 mg/l
Fuel oil – 5 mg/l
Lubricating oil – 1 mg/l
Product name: AdBlue® oil test
Type: Testing paper
Package: 100 test papers 20×70 mm


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