The Company has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2040.
At CrossChem SIA, our focus is on producing products which help to lower the harmful impact created by the transport industry. The transportation sector is one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) globally which in turn contributes to global warming and climate change.

Environmental sustainability

Clean water and sanitation

The availability of fresh water is the basis for human and societal well-being. At the same time, it is important for economy because it has is essential role in food, electricity manufacturing as well as production.

  • Using filtered tap water instead of bottled variety reduces waste, lowers CO2 emissions on transportation. Also, it is a simple activity which each employee can practice daily.
  • We are planning to collect rainwater and use it for production as technical water – that could allow us to save significant amount of water every year.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Reducing plastic consumption in our operation by using refillable bulk storage tanks, reuse 1000 L plastic IBC containers up to 40 times, 210L drums up to 60 times until they are recycled.

  • Electricity consumption in the Company is reduced by switching off equipment when not in use (and avoiding standby mode).
  • We pay attention to energy efficiency ratings when purchasing new production and office equipment.
  • For cleaning premises, we use biodegradable cleaning products which reduce the amount of toxic chemicals making their way into the environment.
  • For property repairs, we utilise materials which have been created from environmentally friendly substances.
  • We are aiming for a waste-free manufacturing process while also utilising responsible waste sorting practices.
  • CrossChem SIA is cooperating with partners who have the same vision and philosophy on sustainability practices.

Climate based actions

Our belief and target is to manufacture environmentally-friendly products what reduce or neutralize the harmful effects of humanity & industry.

  • We reduced 390’000 tonnes of NOx emissions created by the transport industry with our produced AdBlue® and AUS40 until 2021.
  • We plan to build and switch to electricity generated by solar panels by 2022.
  • Mobile station network reduces consumption of plastic and lowers transportation-generated pollution.
  • We encourage paperless practices in the office by using digital documentation.
  • If printing is required, we use recycled paper and ensure subsequent recycling.

Social responsibility

Decent work and economic growth

Taking into account the industry in which we are operating, our main task is to provide a safe working environment and conditions to our employees which do not pose danger.

  • All employees receive social guarantees, stable and regular salaries, growth opportunities and health insurance.
  • For all employees the company ensures equal career possibilities to work in a more senior position, thus receiving a higher salary.
  • At the office employees have separate seating areas with predominantly adjustable height desks and ergonomic chairs.
  • We support gender equality even in a sector as specific as ours. In our Company men and women receive equal pay for the same work.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Never ending improvement is an everyday target at the CrossChem what moves forward each and every team member, mechanisms and processes in general.

  • Innovatively created production process requires minimal human involvement and allows to effectively deliver product to the market where there is demand.
  • The upgrade of packaging line will increase productivity 3 times with existing amount of employees involved.
  • LEAN management implementation and new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) what will be setup in 2022 will help improve performance of company.
  • A chemical testing laboratory will start operate in 2021 and lower the testing costs 4 times.
  • Additional new 3’000 tonnes bulk chemical storage facility will be created in 2021 what will significantly improve every days operation with bulk chemicals.


We believe good corporate governance ensures that we achieve our goals in the right way. The Company’s governance is made to ensure that the Company can work independently long-term.

  • The Company is managed by the Board with support of department heads, thus providing multiple views and discussion opportunities on each individual issue.
  • Established digital reporting and ERP system helps control each and every part of the Company’s operations.
  • Defined principles of administration, customer service, corporate culture is bringing clearance in all departments, individuals and the Company itself.
  • CrossChem SIA comply with all legal requirements and restrictions, paying all taxes when due.
  • The business sector is fair and transparent, the client portfolio is wide, carefully analysed, without lobbying.
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