CrossChem SIA will cooperate with Estonia’s largest fuel station network

CrossChem SIA will cooperate with Estonia’s largest fuel station network

CrossChem SIA has signed a long-term cooperation agreement worth several hundred thousand euros with Aqua Marina, the holding company of the Estonian fuel station chain Olerex, thus expanding its operations in the Baltics. The cooperation will provide Olerex, Estonia’s largest fuel station network, with high quality and reliable road transport products.

Aqua Marina is the holding company of Olerex and Olerex Terminal with total assets of EUR 200 million. Aqua Marina was founded in 1990. Olerex is a fuel retailer with nearly 100 full-service stations throughout Estonia, and five stations in Lithuania. The company has gained more than 25 years of industry experience and operates with a turnover of EUR 1.5 billion. Olerex has also been repeatedly recognized as the fastest-growing fuel company in Estonia in recent years.

Ričards Andersons, the Chairman of the Management Board of CrossChem, emphasizes: “The cooperation with Estonia-based Olerex allows CrossChem to strengthen its presence in the Baltics and attract new transit customers, improving the company’s position and providing customers with the stability. AdBlue® significantly reduces harmful emissions from vehicle exhausts into the environment, and naturally demand for it is also growing in neighboring countries.”

“We are a trusted partner to our clients, our strength is a professional team with experience. We are delighted to be working with CrossChem to improve the traditional logistics system – increasing economic efficiency and reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Our network aims to provide quality and reliable automotive products to our customers and this cooperation adds value to the products we offer,” says Antti Moppel, Member of the Management Board of Aqua Marina, after signing the agreement.

CrossChem SIA is a part of the international CrossChem Group. Its business model centres on three pillars: sustainable products and services; unique proprietary AdBlue® production system for being closer to clients, cutting costs, and increasing competitiveness; and unique client servicing solutions. The company’s main products and services include AdBlue®, AUS40®, liquid fertilizers, auto and industrial chemicals, storage tanks and other equipment. CrossChem has diversified sales channels and more than 5,000 B2B customers. CrossChem SIA is 100% Latvian capital company.