CrossChem launches production of concrete removers in Latvia

Chemical manufacturer CrossChem adds concrete removers to its environmentally friendly product line Clean. BET Clean, BET Clean PRO, and BET Clean PRO concentrates are designed for professional and personal use to effectively remove concrete and cement from surfaces where it is needed.

The product is free of inorganic acids and organic solvents and is biodegradable. 

“In construction work involving concrete, it is not uncommon for surfaces and tools to become dirty when concrete residue accumulates. Our new BET Clean product line is designed to meet these challenges – to make it easier to remove hardened concrete! All these products also perform superbly when removing an existing layer of concrete to replace it with a new one,” says CrossChem Chairman of the Board Richard Anderson.

CrossChem’s new BET Clean range consists of three products:

BET Clean – a versatile concrete remover suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, concrete, brick, stone and metal. It is fast acting and easy to use.

BET Clean PRO – a professional concrete remover designed for the effective removal of concrete and cement residues for the effective removal of cement and cementitious residues from various acid-resistant surfaces such as metal, tiles, brick, plastics, granite and others. This product does not contribute to corrosion and is capable of removing even high hardness deposits.

BET Clean PRO concentrate – a concentrated concrete remover designed for dilution with clean water before further use. It is specifically designed for companies that consume this product in large volumes and where labour and material costs play a major role.

The new CrossChem products have been carefully developed and tested over time to ensure the highest quality. BET Clean’s invaluable support is not only acknowledged by individuals, but also industry leaders, particularly noting the convenient option of receiving products in a job-specific dispensable container.

BET Clean products are available in the company’s online shop

CrossChem is a 100% Latvian company, which is part of CrossChem International – the world’s largest, independent network of AdBlue® manufacturers. The Company’s business is based on the production and distribution of sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical products, as well as the provision of services related to the circulation and storage of chemical goods.

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Egija Burnevica
Phone number: +371 26658446

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