CrossChem launches new product – BIOCID 71

The cleanliness of the fuel tank may seem like small thing, but when living microorganisms start developing inside it because of the bio additives to fuel, it can become a big and expensive problem. This is why domestic chemicals maker CrossChem is introducing a new product, BIOCID 71, which cleans and ensures long-term protection of diesel and its storage tanks from pests.

‘Our company produces a wide range of chemical products and raw materials. The introduction of new products is often a solution to problems that our customers demand. In the automotive and agricultural sectors, the preservation of the quality of stored diesel fuel is important. BIOCID 71 is designed for just that.

The creation and introduction of new products allows CrossChem to increase its product portfolio and develop the chemical products sector in Latvia and generally in the Baltic States,” says Richard Anderson, Chairman of the Board of CrossChem.

THE active substance in BIOCID 71 is highly effective in fighting bacteria, yeast and mould, which cause microbiological contamination of fuel. Increased amounts of bacteria contribute to clogging the fuel filter, microbiological contamination of fuel tanks, formation of biofilm inside the tank, and partial or complete blockage of the pipelines with the biofilm bacterial layer. BIOCID 71 fuel additive is available in different volumes from 1L to 1000L to meet the demand of all customers. It’s easy to buy from CrossChem’s online store

About CrossChem:

CrossChem Ltd is a 100% Latvian capital company which is part of the CrossChem International Group and is part of the global chain of chemical producers and distributors. The company’s business is based on the production of sustainable and nature-friendly products, which combine global experience to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. SIA CrossChem produces AdBlue ®, EARS40 ®, liquid fertilizers and automotive chemistry, and provides a range of services related to these products.

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