AdBlue producer SIA CrossChem overcame Covid and continues to grow steadily

SIA CrossChem – a manufacturer of AdBlue®, a diesel engine exhaust after-treatment fluid, posted a turnover of EUR 15.5 million in 2020, which is up to 26% year-on-year basis. The company’s gross profit for the year was EUR 1.9 million, according to the company.

During the 2020 financial year, CrossChem opened new representative offices in Poland and Africa, complementing its existing offices in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and EU countries. Last year was also significant with the opening of CrossChem’s partner (largest AdBlue® plant in Eastern Europe) in Russia.

AdBlue® is a diesel exhaust after-treatment fluid that reduces harmful emissions from car exhausts by neutralizing around 98% of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by diesel engines into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. “With AdBlue®, car manufacturers are able to meet high environmental standards and follow the European green course,” says Richard Anderson, Director of SIA CrossChem.

SIA CrossChem is a 100% Latvian-owned company, the only VDA certified diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue® producer in the Baltic’s. CrossChem exports it’s  products and AdBlue® to more than 60 countries in the world and it has affiliates in 16 countries.                               

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