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CrossChem has accepted the challenge and has established a company CrossChem Japan registered Japan, Tokyo.
The company's mission - to provide customers with the highest quality products in the shortest possible and customer-preferred way.
Richard Anderson, director of CrossChem Ltd.: "We are working with customers in Japan for a long time, but only after we have understood their needs and learned to full fill the highest expectations, we made a decision to come one step closer and establish a company in Japan. I believe that we will be successful and that this step will approve one more time that LATVIA CAN".

CrossChem Japan will offer to its customers:

  • highest quality licensed "AdBlue®";
  • AdBlue filling equipment and systems;
  • full CrossChem automotive product segment.

The CEO of CrossChem Japan is approved Mr. Takeshy Kobayashi, who is well known as a sales and marketing professional with his distribution of AquaCristals throw more then 5,000 distribution point in Japan.

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