TruckMaster® 430

diesel fueling system

TruckMaster 430 Mobile diesel refueling system with tank and refueling equipment, compliant with ADR – Dangerous Goods.

The main benefits

Mobility – an excellent and secure solution for fuel delivery and refueling outside of the gas station.

Cost Reduction – Have you calculated the cost of a liter of fuel that you drove to the filling station, filled in a can, brought to a refueling machine? At least 0.056 Eur more expensive than it costs at the gas station where you bought it! With mobile systems, you’ll always have the fuel at your fingertips at no extra cost.

Safety – Carriage of fuel has always been associated with an increased risk of accidental ignition of the fuel being transported during the accident? With mobile systems, both you and those around you will be fully protected.

Warranty: 5 years for tank tightness, 1 year for equipment

Technical parameters

Capacity (maximum) 430 liters
Lenght 1180 mm
Width 860 mm
Height 910 mm
Weight 55 kg

Standart equipment

Level indicator – float
Ball valve for suction pipe
Sieve filter for suction pipe
12V DC pump (max. Capacity up to 50 l / min)
6m power cable with terminals
4m flexible distribution hose
Automatic nozzle
Cover with built-in key
Two-way air valve
Transport luggage 4pcs.
Rechargeable LED lamp

Additional equipment

Digital flow meter K24
24V DC pump (max power 50 l / min)
12 / 24V DC pump (max power 35/70 l / min)
12V DC BiPump (max. 85 l / min)
230V AC pump (max power 56 l / min)


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