Diesel fuel distributors for personal use

Robust design with front display for easy maintenance.
Self-priming wing pump with increased productivity.

Built-in bypass.

Automatic pistol with movable connection.

Built-in absorbent water filter (or custom-made, depending on model) to guarantee unpolluted fuel.

Equipped with a liter meter with oval gears and an electronic control unit with multiple user selections and multiple consumer controls. The built-in memory stores the last 255 actions.

A personal computer interface for exporting and organizing data. Possibility to specify car number and mileage, filling date and time.

We offer magnetic keys for user identification.

Software to print detailed information on refills and current data for the user.


Capacity up to 90 l / min
Measurement error: +/- 0.5%
Continuous operation via mains connection
Noise level: less than 75 dB
IP55 protection

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Diesel fuel distributors for personal use

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