FuelMaster 2500 Diesel

diesel fueling system

Double walled diesel fuel storage tank with filling equipment, fully equipped and ready for use. The perfect solution for internal use by businesses.

Some benefits

Cost reduction – By buying fuel in bulk you will get a lower price.
Diesel fuel is always available.
In winter conditions no condensation occurs in the tank.
The fuel condition does not deteriorate as no sediment and rust deposits form in the tank.
Tanks meet environmental, fire and fuel storage requirements.


The robust and durable construction protects against leaks and thus protects against environmental pollution from unauthorized fuel dispensing and unauthorized access to the fuel, as well as from adverse weather and UV radiation. The automatic shut-off valve prevents overflow of the tank during filling. Made of high-quality polyethylene, it is non-corrosive and resistant to mechanical damage.


Thoughtful and sophisticated design ensures long-term use at minimal additional cost. Available as an accessory, the User Identification System helps control fuel consumption, its users and many more useful things.

Warranty: 10 year warranty on tank, 2 year on equipment

Technical parameters

Capacity (maximum) 2500 liters
Lenght 2460 mm
Width 1460 mm
Height 1860 mm
Weight 220 kg

Standard equipment, code 0030021

Double wall tank
Electric pump 230V with a maximum output of 79 l / min
Digital flow meter PIUSI K600 B / 3, accuracy ± 0.5%
Flexible distribution hose 3/4 ″ – 6 m
Automatic nozzle PIUSI A60; nozzle holder
Fuel Level and Leakage Control UniWatchmanRX
Filter – water separator, transparent housing
LED illumination for handout compartment
Closed handout compartment – cabinet
Filling connection at the top of the tank 2 ″
Mechanical overfill protection
Electronic Overflow Protection GOK GWD
Ventilation for internal tank

Additional equipment

Access barrier for refueling with magnetic keys – Acess 85


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