Deso 1340 Diesel

diesel fueling system

Deso is a world-class company specializing in the production of liquid storage and distribution tanks on a rotary basis.
Deso storage tanks for diesel and AdBlue provide a balance between efficient solution and cost.

Deso tanks guarantee a quick return on your investment, as you will be able to negotiate better purchase prices when buying diesel or AdBlue in bulk.

Deso tanks conform to the latest European standards and are equipped with fittings and o-ring seals for unmatched leakage protection. The tanks are made of high quality polyethylene, are corrosion resistant, with high impact resistance and the latest UV stabilization technology. The equipment ensures safe storage of substances, constant quality of substances throughout the storage period.

Warranty: 10 years warranty on tank, 2 years on equipment

Technical parameters

Capacity (maximum) 1340 liters
Length 1410 mm
Height 1740 mm
Weight 100 kg

Standard equipment

Double wall tank
Electric pump 230V with a maximum output of 79 l / min
Digital flow meter PIUSI K600 B / 3, accuracy ± 0.5%
Flexible distribution hose 3/4 ″ – 4 m
Automatic nozzle PIUSI A60; holder
Fuel Level Control – Clock gauge
Filter – water separator
Lockable distribution equipment compartment
Mechanical overfill protection
Ventilation for internal tank

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