2500 till 20000 liter commercial

AdBlue stations


  • container – 5 years
  • internal tank – 5 years.

The warranty applies to the product used in a manner consistent with manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • two years on sensors, TMS control box and unlegalized distribution system
  • one year on the panel Flaco and its equipment (legalized distribution system)

Titan products fulfill the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 FM 57348.

SlimLine advantages

Due to its compact design SlimLine is the perfect answer to placing a tank in a restricted area.
A wide variety of standard equipment enables to operate the tank under severe weather conditions.
Equipped with a micro controller for easy and safe use the container requires minimal maintenance.
Construction provides resistance to mechanical damage – polyethylene tank positioned in reinforced container.
Raised roof ensures easy maintenance.
Protection against access by unauthorised people and changing weather conditions is ensured, thanks to a lockable housing.
The bunded construction makes the tank extremely secure and a leak detection system, level gauge and overfill protection prevents leakages.
Product has a floor frame, which facilitates transport by forklift truck.
The filling line with spill free coupling on the working level makes it easy to fill up the tank.
Thermal insulation and heating/ventilation systems keep AdBlue® at its optimum temperature.

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