BlueTruckMaster® – Mobile tank for AdBlue®, 200 to 900 liters capacity

AdBlue® tanks, mobile

AdBlue Liquid Mobile Storage and Distribution Systems

BlueTruckMaster Mobile Adblue Liquid Refill System with Tank and Refill Equipment, complies with all EU Carriage Regulations and Requirements.

The main benefits

Mobility – an excellent and secure solution for the delivery and refueling of AdBlue outside the filling station.

Cost Reduction – Have you calculated the cost of a liter of AdBlue that you have driven to the filling station, filled in a can, brought to a refill? At least 0.056 Eur more expensive than it costs at the gas station where you bought it! With mobile systems, you’ll always have a spare AdBlue fluid at your fingertips at no extra cost.

Warranty: 5 years for tank tightness, 1 year for equipment.

Standart equipment

12/24/230V pump with 35 L/min flow rate
4m electrical cable
Suction hose with one way valve and filter
4m hose with automatic nozzle and nozzle holder
Tank fill up open/close cap with secure lock
Level indicator
Ventilation with outflow protection
LED lamp
Door with locker and gas amortizator*

Technical parameters

Volume, liters 200 liters, low 200 liters 300 liters 430 liters 900 liters
Length 1180 mm 600 mm 600 mm 1180 mm 1410 mm
Width 860 mm 800 mm 800 mm 860 mm 1050 mm
Height 550 mm 620 mm 890 mm 910 mm 1210 mm
Weights 52 kg 32 kg 45 kg 64 kg 97 kg

Additional equipment

Flow meter with ±1% accuracy (attached to nozzle)
4 handles, for mounting and transportation needs

Tank size can vary +/- 1%.
*Maximal volume 95% from tanks total volume.
**With gas amortizator are equiped only 900l tank.



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