BlueMaster® –AdBlue® Storage and dispensig tank, 2500 – 9000 liters

AdBlue® tanks

AdBlue system

Why BlueMaster®

The BlueMaster® tank is characterized not only by its wide range of capacities, but also by the product’s diverse range of equipment.
High quality, security, functionality and availability worldwide. BlueMaster tanks have been designed and manufactured in accordance with European and global regulations and standards. BlueMaster® guarantees the purity and quality of stored AdBlue®.

Standart equipment

Double wall tanks
Submersible pump, power 40 l/min
2″filling connection in a working level
Digital Flow meter K24
Heating for distribution equipment
Automatic nozzle, 4-6 m distribution hose
Clock-gauge level indicator
Insulation for ionner tank

Technical parameters


Volume 2500 liters 4000 liters 5000 liters 9000 liters
Lenght 2460 mm 3900 mm 2850 mm 3280 mm
Width 1460 mm 1150 mm 2250 mm 2450 mm
Hight 1860 mm 2340 mm 2350 mm 2950 mm
Waight (netto) 150 kg 220 kg 320 kg 490 kg


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