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  -70/-36 °C

ethylene glycol, water, anticorrosive supplement.
Does not constain of nitrites.

Using method
The Tosol A35M is ready to use and good for exploitation when the temperature is not lower than -35°C.

Quality indicators:

  • Appearance: transparent liquid with a blue colour, without any infusion.
  • Density at 20°C, g/cm³: 1,066-1,072
  • Hydrogen ion activity (pH) at 20°C: 7,5-8,5
  • Temperature at the beginning of crystallization of the concentrate °С: - 70 ± 1
  • Temperature of the crystallization , ready for use °С: - 37 ± 1

Accessible packages:

  • 1000 and 650 litres IBC type containers
  • 210 litres plastic barrels
  • 20/10/4 litre cans and 1 liter bottles
  • As well as for filling in a tank-car or the client’s package which corresponds to the quality requirements



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