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diesel storage and distribution system

Mobile 200 litre filling system for diesel is equipped with all the necessities for filling and transportation of diesel, storage and for refueling the vehicles wherever needed.

The systems are tested and manufactured so that they fully comply and conform with the conditions of the European Agreement (ADR - the provisions for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Technical parameters
Capacity (max.)
Standart Equipment
Pump 12/24V with max. flow rate 35 l/min.
4m x 3/4" long tube with manual nozzle
Ventilation with over fill protection
2" fuel fill in with cap
Lid with lock and keys
Optional Equipment
Flowmeter K24 (on nozzle)
Mettal mounting hooks 4 units
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The main benefits

  • Mobility - wherever there is a need for refueling outside the gas station- you can manage it in a convenient and a safe way.
  • Cost reduction - have you calculated, how much a litre of fuel costs if you drive to a fuel station, fill in a can, bring it to the vehicles or mechanisms to refuel it? It is at least EUR 0.056 more than it costs at the fuel station, where it is purchased. With these mobile systems, you will always have fuel in store available at your fingertips without additional costs.
  • Safety - the transportation of fuel has always involved high risks. What will happen if the transported fuel bursts into flames? If you use the mobile systems, both you and the people nearby will be fully protected.


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