Double-walled diesel fuel tank

For fuel storage

Double-walled tank, is a safe and convenient way of storing diesel fuel

Double-walled tank is essentially a "tank in a tank", installation of which is possible in almost any convenient location and provides maximum protection against leakage, freezing, overheating and condensation, irrespective of the location of the tank.

The tanks have a capacity ranging from 200 up to 9000 liters, and have a wide range of equipment including even the possibility of heating the tank automatically.

Double-walled tanks are manufactured specifically for storage of 3-grade fuel (flash point between 55 and 100 `C` C) in non-compressed state. The maximum permissible of the ambient air temperature is 50 'C.

  • greater space reserve,
  • easy to install,
  • protected from overflow,
  • fire resistant,
  • easily and quickly filled up,
  • possible to connect multiple tanks together
  • environmentally attractive color,
  • protected from ultraviolet rays,
  • modern equipment with remote control,
  • capacity up to 9000 liters

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